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Listen to Pat Adson on Empower Radio's "Journey to the Center," with Dr. Tammi Baliszewski. Pat talks about what is right and wrong with fairy tales, about her empowering fable, and how we can transcend our desire to primarily please other people and make ourselves a greater priority in our own lives.

"In order to awaken from the 'trance of childhood,' the author says we need to 'open our eyes and see all that is around us and then to look inside with a new perspective.' A Princess and Her Garden and The Guided Journal facilitate that process so well that you may not be able to look at the landscape of your own life in quite the same way again." Read More

- Twila Klein

"…a wonderful gift for any young woman just starting out on her own or someone of any age going through a life change. It gives such an important lesson in really looking at our own needs and finding out what we need in our lives to make us happy." Read More

- Aimee Baum
The Book Garden

"A Princess and Her Garden is a lovely book, with high-quality color illustrations, reminding you that the garden metaphor is your life, and you are the architect." Read More

- Helen Gallagher

"…I thank the authors, Pat Adson, the psychologist/coach mom, and Jennifer Van Homer, the executive coach daughter, for writing such a beautiful fable with real potential for helping any age of princess, and the princess in all of us. I am giving it to co-workers and family members now…as it has a rich feel and beautiful illustrations.

…reading A Princess and Her Garden is really an intelligent inner dialogue we can all have with ourselves about how we care for ourselves and tend to our own lives." Read More

- John Schuster
The Power of Your Past, Psychology Today

"It seems like life is getting increasingly harder as our economy continues to tank and the pressures around us continue to mount. People are feeling more stressed than in years past, especially women, according to the American Psychological Association's 2010 'Stress in America' survey.

I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Patricia Adson…who works to help men and women strike a healthy balance between life and work, which principally involves taking measures to avoid having too many things on your plate at any given time. Overextending yourself at home and at work, according to Dr. Adson, is a leading ingredient to a stress-filled life." Read More.

- Dr. Tracey Marks
The Huffington Post

"A journey to growth and self-responsibility. This beautifully crafted book is for anyone wanting self-realization. It would make a great wedding gift, birthday present, Christmas present, or anniversary gift. Perhaps it is meant for women, but as a man, I found great value in the parable and the thought-provoking exercises."

- Bill O'Hanlon
author of Pathways to Spirituality and Thriving Through Crisis

"Every now and then I find a book that may be written with a certain group in mind but seems to have a message that all of us can learn from and appreciate. A Princess and Her Garden by Dr. Patricia Adson is one of those books. It takes you into the life of a woman who is so preoccupied with making others happy and seeing that their lives are productive that she neglects her own. It takes an incident where her neglect is brought to her attention that allows her to see why it is important to keep ourselves taken care of so that we can then be in a better position to help others.

We sometimes get mixed messages when it comes to our responsibilities, especially when you have a family or significant other. There are those that tell us that we are supposed to put others ahead of ourselves, otherwise we are selfish. Adson's book/journal helps you to see that this is not always the case. All of us, regardless of what our circumstances, need to take out time to tend to ourselves. This is the only way that we can be refreshed and in our best position to handle our other responsibilities. The book allows the reader to add their own voice to the commentary given so that we can personalize what is being said and see how we can best make application.

This is not always an easy thing to do, especially when we have been wired to think that we are in some way not important enough to require care. The truth is that you are worthy of everything that you want to do for others. There should be a reciprocation that allows us to work together and accomplish the most.

A Princess and Her Garden might be written for the woman today who is expected to do anything and everything to make others happy, but it can be just great for men like myself who feel as though they are being forced in the same box. Definitely the kind of reflective publication that is sure to help us make adjustments and live the life we were created for."

- C. A. Webb
Conversations Book Club

"Women are the primary caretakers of their husbands and children. Women are also the gender that is expected to be more skilled than men in relating to the demands of bosses and the needs of aging parents. What is often overlooked is that in order to be 'all things to all people' care-wise, a woman must first and foremost take care of herself! That is the underlying message of A Princess and Her Garden: A Fable of Awakening and Arrival, a 135-page compendium of advice, commentary, instruction, and suggestion by licensed psychologist Patricia Adson. Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition, A Princess And Her Garden is enhanced with the inclusion of a 'guided journal' for the reader to utilize. Informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, A Princess And Her Garden is especially recommended for women who find themselves facing multiple demands for time and attention from children, spouses, parents, employers, friends, neighbors, and telemarketers!"

- Midwest Book Review

"Do you ever feel restrained in your life? Are your decisions often based on what others think or demand rather on your personal goals and desires? Do you have children or grandchildren who are struggling with finding their own paths? If so, A Princess and Her Garden: A Fable of Awakening & Arrival is recommended reading. This uplifting tale outlines the journey to self-esteem and independence related in 'fairytale' style. Easy to read and packed with meaning and nuance, this book is as important for children as for adults, for girls as well boys, and women as well as men.

A Princess and Her Garden is not about being selfish, rather it is about finding your own way, which is a theme of the author Patricia Adson. Adson is an accomplished writer and psychologist with a comprehensive background in Jungian archetypal theory. Don't let her delightful writing style fool you; there is a message in every phrase. Like Gulliver's Travels, you can enjoy the story or delve deeper and peer into your own journey as you follow the narrative.

A pure joy on many levels and both meaningful and entertaining, A Princess and Her Garden is beautifully illustrated. This little book is wonderful gift for a friend or relative, a great tale to read with your spouse, or an intriguing read for a book club."

- Eleanor K. Sommer
Writer/Editor, Wordcreekpress.com

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"In this beautifully illustrated book and journal, readers can discover the borders of their own personal gardens, thereby acquiring a usable vocabulary of growth and responsibility."

Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., author of The Hero Within, What Story are You Living?, and co-author of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® assessment.

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