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Princess and Her Garden is a fable that reflects the stories of many women—and some men—who learn to put other people's needs before their own, until one day they come to realize they feel lost or unhappy because they have forgotten, or perhaps never learned, how to care for themselves.

This book uses the garden as an eloquent metaphor for how we move through life. Beautiful color illustrations enhance this new edition, which includes a guided journal that prompts readers to reflect deeply on their own, unique life experience and record those reflections in the form of a story created by and for them, resulting in a very personal journaling experience.

This book also includes questions for book club sharing. Rice University sociology professor Elizabeth Long, author of Book Clubs: Women and the Uses of Reading in Everyday Life reports that women often describe book clubs as a "salvation," a "life raft," or a "saving grace." Who better than book club friends to have a discussion around this thought provoking metaphor for life.

A Princess and Her Garden is illuminating for any stage in life and, in addition to yourself, can be the perfect gift for the young graduate, the new parent, the newlywed, or the just-divorced.



he Journal was created so readers could personalize the Princess story. In these pages you will have a chance to reflect deeply on your experience and to record those reflections in the form of a story written and illustrated by you. The questions asked in the Journal provide an effective outline for an autobiography.

This book will also provide you with an opportunity to look back at how and what you learned as well as to look forward to designing a garden that you alone can tend for the rest of your life. Answering the questions in writing will give you a way to revisit your history, describe who you have become, change what needs to be changed, and emerge as the author of your own life story.

The guided Journal has four sections:
  • THEN: How and why you learned to care for the gardens of other people in the past.
  • THE IN-BETWEEN: Focusing on the way in which you left your childhood, or a particular phase of your life.
  • NOW: Taking a good look at the present and deciding what you want to change in order to take charge of your life today.
  • FROM NOW ON: Planning and affirming your approach to make sure that your garden continues to be well cared for and protected the rest of your life.
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"In this beautifully illustrated book and journal, readers can discover the borders of their own personal gardens, thereby acquiring a usable vocabulary of growth and responsibility."

Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., author of The Hero Within, What Story are You Living?, and co-author of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® assessment.

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